Veterinary services for dogs and cats

In Tarraco Veterinària we ofer a wide range of services for your animal's health, focusing on his well-being, so he always comes back happy.

Health promotion and prevention

Vet checks, vaccination and deworming.

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General Medicine

We support you taking care of your pet, all along the stages of his life. We take care of his physical and mental state and assist him when necessary.

Reproductive health

Your animal's reproductive health has to be attended. Sterilization or castration may be suitable. But we also take care of pregnant and breeding animals through medical checks and ultrasonography. We can treat pregnancy and reproductive conditions.

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At Tarraco Veterinària several specialities such as oftalmology, etology or dermatology are offered. Please ask our staff. We are permanently in contact with animal hospitals with these and other specialities.

Diagnose Techniques

In our facilities we have modern digital radiology, as well as ultrasonography and a lab. Having access to these equipments allows us to take some testsin situ right away. This way we don't waste any time to get a diagnose.

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